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Transit Research Center

Why a Transit Research Center?

The UC Davis Transit Research Center asks the question, “What will it take to uplift and empower transit and transit use in the US?” Transit ridership has been on the decline for the past decade. Our research explores what will enable policy makers, communities, and transit agencies to support transit use, improve perceptions of transit and transit users, and allow transit in the US to thrive.

We examine the factors contributing to the decline in transit ridership over the past ten years. We explore the impacts of shared-use mobility services on transit, and how planning and policy making impact transit availability and accessibility. And we investigate how transit agencies are impacted by new technologies.

Overarching themes of our center include equity and accessibility. Transit systems are often situated as a last resort to serve communities that do not have alternative options for transportation. This contributes to real and perceived service challenges such as long headways and travel times. By uplifting and supporting transit through grounded, empirical research that is engaged with policy makers, practitioners, and the communities they serve, the Transit Research Center will provide meaningful results that will contribute to a stronger future for transit.  

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